North East Tennessee Home Education Association

Registration for the 2023 graduation will open September 1, 2022.

The informational/sign-up meeting will be September 2, 2022, at Temple Baptist Church , 2200 Memorial Crt., Kingsport, Tn, at 7:00 pm.  The graduation packet and application will be available here, online, September 1, 2022, and will also be available at the meeting. 


Revised  9-12-20

2022 Graduation Application

 Communication Avenues – How to receive info throughout the year: 

    • Electronic communication.  After we receive your application and payment, a distribution list will be set up with your e-mails so that we may send emails to keep you updated on all info. 

      • NOTE:  To get the details of graduation, you will need to turn in your graduation application along with your payment, and you will be added to the email distribution list.

    • Group meetings – Group meetings will be held as necessary, but in the past it has been difficult to schedule meetings when everyone could attend so electronic communication will be favored.

    • Tri-Cities Homeschool Digest, a FREE e-mail support network of  homeschooling families in the Tri-Cites region.  General graduation announcements may be made there, but not details.  To sign up, send your first and last names to: 



NETHEA 2023 Graduation Coordinator:

Amy Dougherty,, (423) 330-7032


 NETHEA Treasurer:  Amy Dougherty 

  • Maintains the checking account at Eastman Credit Union.

  • Collects monies for all orders and gives one check to the appropriate coordinator so that they can place orders.

  • Makes payments to those who require payment (speaker, church rental, sound/light persons, janitor, etc.) BEFORE the week of graduation.

    • Sends account statements to leadership.  This info will be open and available to parents who have questions. 

  • Team Leaders – YOU!

Steps to Completing Graduation Application

1. Complete NETHEA Membership: All families who wish to graduate with NETHEA must be a current member of NETHEA. Complete the registration process at: 

2. Complete Graduation Application: An application must be completed and signed for each senior.

 a. Download the Graduation Application Form. You can fill this out and print it. The form can be saved to your computer.

 b. Choose a team you will be serving on. Please see pages 3-6 - Additional Graduation Information for descriptions of the teams.

 c. Graduation Application Deadline is November 20, 2022.

3. Send in Application and $95 payment: (or $75 early discount before October 31) a. Make check payable to Tennessee Home Education Association. Send to: Amy Dougherty, 716 Lower Stone Mountain Road, Unicoi, Tn 37692

The payment covers the cost of the location, ceremony, speaker, programs, etc. Scholarships are available. Make checks payable to Tennessee Home Education Association. Do not send cash!

NOTE: The payment does not cover NETHEA membership (, the required ceremony supplies (cap, gown, tassel, diploma cover, and family diploma), optional announcements, or the optional costs associated with a professional photographer or videographer (individual choice; costs vary).

NETHEA does not issue any official diploma. Parents are required to acquire their official diploma from their umbrella school or issue with the state if registered through local district.

Other Important Information for Graduating with NETHEA

 Email: Information is communicated through email. Families are responsible for checking their email or finding someone to tag team with for getting the information. A newsletter is sent at least monthly beginning in November. 

● Rehearsal Night: Friday, May 12, 2023, is the rehearsal for the graduation ceremony. This rehearsal is mandatory. Only with prior permission from the coordinator and an acceptable alternate plan will a family be able to participate in the graduation ceremony if they miss the rehearsal. 

● Senior Photos: Families are responsible for securing senior portraits for the program and for the media presentation. This can be from an independent photographer or your own photos. Many support groups offer portrait packages as well. Please make sure the photo is at least a 4x6 size (1200x1600 pixels). Due date will be set this aff, Usually by March 1. Photos will be emailed to

● Senior and Parent Program/Reflection Questionnaire: Each family will need to complete and return the Senior Profile questionnaire. See page 3 for description of the sections. The program team will set the due date this fall, Usually this is due by February 1. Email to

● Other Photos: Each family will be asked to submit 3-4 photos total for the ceremony. A video photo presentation will be played during the ceremony. Due dates will be set by the program team. 

● Cap and Gown: Caps, gowns, diploma covers, invitations, etc. can be ordered in a convenient package. The group order is set up and due the beginning of December, so ALL FAMILIES need to plan budget accordingly. A website page will be set up for our group to order supplies from the company. Each family will order through the website page and pay directly to the company. Everyone must pay in full before order will be placed or the student will not be allowed to participate in ceremony. Those who miss the group order deadline will be responsible for obtaining their own  

● Diploma: At the ceremony the Diploma Covers will be presented. Parents are responsible for acquiring the student’s official diploma. The official diplomas do not need to be present at graduation and many times are not yet available. 

● Senior Choir: The 2023 Ceremony will include a choir, which ALL seniors will walk up and participate. This tradition and was voted and decided to keep for the 2023 graduation at the initial planning meeting. Students who play instruments will be asked to try-out to accompany. Soloists can try-out for a solo part.  

● Meetings and Email Voting: There are four meetings. The initial planning spring meeting to get the location and date/time, the November meeting, the January meeting, and finally the rehearsal the night before graduation. All meetings are important and decisions will be voted on at the meetings. Some decisions will be made via email vote. 

● Ceremony: All families are agreeing to fully participate in the NETHEA Graduation year. Some families have chosen not to walk at the Ceremony they may have had a conflict with the ceremony date. These families chose to pay the graduation fees to be included in the program and other events associated with graduation, including serving on a team.

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